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Post 14 October 2017
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Board ofdirectorsFirst Metropolitan Community Church of Kansas

d/b/a as Table of Hope MCC

Board of Directors Meeting

8 October 2017


Board members present: Rev. Jackie Carter, Kim Roseberry, Stev Overstreet, Teal Pearson, Karen Rowland,  Tracy Blomgren,  Bob Sawyer

Board members absent: Dennis Reimer, Jody Dorman,  Amie Ross

Moderator Rev. Carter called the meeting to order at 12:50  p.m.  Opening prayer.

  1. Agenda was not available.
  1. Karen moved and Kim seconded approval of the September 2017 minutes (attached).  Passed.
  1. Kim moved and Karen seconded approval of the September 2017 financial report (attached) with the electric bill being funded out of WOW and the remaining shortfall coming from Bequest.  Passed.
  1. Rev. Jackie’s report:
    1. Brad Thomison is working on the cameras for streaming the service which has postponed the security camera work.
    2. The 22 September J4J sale netted over $1,000.  .
    3. We have a proposal for the installation of a “lift.”  The next step will be a review with the City to determine what needs to be done to the building to permit the installation.
    4. The Poor Peoples Campaign will be in 2018.  Cheryl Calloway will be our chair.
    5. The BEARS will have a fundraiser @ Club Boomerang 10/14 to benefit our food pantry..
    6. World AIDS Day observation will be 1 December @ The Orpheum.
    7. The Gratitude Gala (3 November) invitations will go out this week..
    8. Our church sent $600 to the Houston church to buy food after the flood.
    9. Rev. Jackie will be away at a conference 16-18 November.


  1. Kim reported that the food pantry served 352 families (1100 clients) two weeks ago.
  1. Old Business
    1. Tracy will be updating the website with these minutes, items from Sunday “Opportunities for Growth,” and items from the weekly E-News
  1. New Business - none

There was no need for an Executive Session.

The meeting adjourned with prayer at 2:00 p.m.  The next  meeting will be after service 12 November,.

Respectfully submitted,

Stev Overstreet, Clerk/Secretary

Last modified on Monday, 27 November 2017 13:19
Read 262

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