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Post 27 November 2017
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First Metropolitan Community Church of Kansas

d/b/a as Table of Hope MCC

Board of Directors Meeting

12 Novenber  2017


Board members present: Rev. Jackie Carter, Kim Roseberry, Stev Overstreet, Teal Pearson,  Tracy Blomgren,  Bob Sawyer, Dennis Reimer, Jody Dorman,  Amie Ross

Board  member absent: Karen Rowland

Guest present:  Cheryl Calloway

Moderator Rev. Carter called the meeting to order at 12:15  p.m.  Opening prayer.

  1. Agenda was reviewed with the following additions: 7.a. J4J Space, 8.a. Board Duties, 8.b. Security, and 8.c. Homeless Overflow Meals
  1. Teal moved and Bob seconded approval of the October 2017 minutes (attached).  Passed.
  1. Dennis moved and Stev seconded approval of the October 2017 financial report (attached) with the shortfall coming from Bequest.  Passed.
  1. Rev. Jackie’s report:
    1. World AIDS Day observation will be 1 December @ The Orpheum.
    2. The Gratitude Gala has been moved to 26 Jamuary 2018..
    3. There was discussion about the bingo deposit on Thursdays.  Dennis Murphy will come at the end of the evening to help with the final count.
    4. Stev moved and Bob seconded that up to $6,000 be authorized out of the “elevator fund” to proceed with detailed architectural drawings for installation of a lift so that constructions bids may be obtained and fundraising started.  Passed..


  1. Kim reported that the food pantry was out of grant money but that about $2,000 had been contributed from Fred and Tony’s wedding and  $250 had be donated at Matt’s piano recital.
  1. Old Business
    1. Stev reported that the space we use for J4J sales had been leased but that the property owner was willing to discuss our continued use with the lessee.
  1. New Business
    1. The Pastor reminded board members on duty that at least one should remain in the narthex to admit latecomers.  Offering should be counted after service.  Stev volunteered to look at an old “board responsibilities” document to update it to current procedures.
    2. The Pastor will look into “incident” training from our neighborhood police officers.
    3. The Board will prepare the evening meal for the Homeless Overflow on 15 December.

There was no need for an Executive Session.

The meeting adjourned with prayer at 1:45 p.m.  The next  meeting will be after service 10 December,.

2017 membership review and 2018 budget will on the agenda.

Respectfully submitted,

Stev Overstreet, Clerk/Secretary

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